3 security features of Android Lollipop that will improve online payment security

Google’s Android operating system is infamous for bringing in unwanted malware and other compromising elements that can often play havoc with the user’s personal information such as credit and debit card numbers. When they are in the process of making an online transaction, an eCommerce payment gateway might be able to shield the sensitive details present on the card, but with those malware running loose in the operating system, you can never be too sure about mobile operating systems. Google’s Android OS update, the Lollipop 5.0 has been fitted with augmented security features that when paired with an eCommerce payment gateway, will provide a formidable security solution. Here are some of the security features of Android Lollipop 5.0.

Android Lollipop security features

1. The operating system’s own encryption

Google has finally started to give importance to how the lack of security can be detrimental when there is numerous amounts of activity taking place from the user’s phone. This is exactly the reason why the company has stressed significant amount of importance on security and introduced an encryption functionality that can be operated when needed. Now, all devices that will be updated to the 5.0 update will be eligible to a security upgrade. When this encryption is turned on, it blocks all the data on a smartphone if a remote attacker attempts to steal. Since the probability of being a victim of online theft is high when an online transaction is in process, the potent e-commerce payment gateway and operating system upgrade combo is a welcome feature for users who use Android devices to engage in mobile commerce activities.

2. SELinux enforcing

SE stands for Security Enhanced Linux. The great thing about this feature is that it is valid for all mobile devices, including Android smartphones and tablets. Initially developed by the NSA in the year 2000, SELinux quickly climbed the ranks in providing enhanced protection against smartphone vulnerabilities and malware. When the functionality of this feature is concerned; SELinux enforcing creates a barrier of security and app isolation that nobody can bypass. This makes the Android 5.0’s security more robust compared to the previous generation operating systems. Now, while SELinux enforcing might upgrade the security, but it cannot always hold out against threats. This is exactly why an eCommerce payment gateway exists; to protect credit and debit card details.

3. Guest Mode

A guest mode is a mode that will become common on all Android devices running the Lollipop 5.0 operating system. This mode allows the owner of an Android phone to create a separate account for the person whom the owner is going to lend the device for an indefinite period of time. This guest mode is similar in aesthetics to an operating system that looks like it has just been recovered from a hard factory reset. After the guest has finished using the device, all the information can be wiped clean without the guest going to your accounts to take a peep at your personal information.

Lollipop 5.0’s imminent launch will finally upgrade the security measures for thousands of smartphone users. While the improvement of security from Google is commendable, users will still be stuck in ‘no man’s land’ if they continue to shop from an e-commerce that does not use a PCI DSS compliant payment gateway.

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