3 signs of a terrible payment gateway

Opting to choose for a reliable payment gateway company in the Middle East comes in extremely handy when a business owner will be handling online transactions in a large number of frequencies on a daily basis. Trouble is, that while choosing to cut down costs as much as possible, these business owners often neglect the boatload of trouble that will come knocking at their doorstep if they choose to skimp out on choosing a reliable payment gateway solution company. To make your payment gateway choosing conundrums a little less painful while you are residing in the Middle East, here are three signs of a terrible payment gateway company; prompting you to stay from them at all costs.

Payment Gateway Solutions

1. The fee are they charging?

Most reliable payment gateway companies in the Middle East will require you to pay a higher fee on a monthly, yearly or even a daily basis. While the amount of fees that they charge will not be able to provide you with sufficient evidence on whether these payment gateway companies are reliable or not, one feature where you will be able to catch the online service provider read handed is how long they take to transfer the funds to your merchant account. Reliable payment gateways in the Middle East normally take around 15 – 30 days to release the payments to your account. If a payment gateway service that you know of is taking a longer period of time to release your funds, then it is probably a good idea to stay away from it.

2. Lacking ease of integration

If the business owner owns an e-commerce website, the actual payment processing will occur on the payment gateway company’s web servers, making it absolutely necessary for that payment gateway to be integrated to the owner’s website for quick and painless online transactional processing. A reliable payment gateway company will allow the business owner to integrate the service provider with the website without giving the business owner a speck of trouble. A terrible payment gateway will most likely sprout up compatibility issues right from the start. Majority of the times, the service provider will state that these compatibility issues are emanating from the website and not from the company’s end. You would do well to stay away from these type of services. If services bring up random issues like these, then you can rest assured that this particular one will not be shielding yours or your customer’s credit and debit card details when an online transaction is in process.

3. Not granting a plethora of other services to the user

Reliable payment gateway solutions in the Middle East offer additional features besides just protecting sensitive card details of the card holders. If you are hunting for a reliable payment gateway and you’re unable to view features such as a 24 hours customer care center, accepting payments in multiple currencies and most importantly, not complying by PCI data security standards, then your hunt would remain fruitless as payment gateway services that do not feature these attributes at the bare minimum should not be chosen as your ‘one stop’ solution for a payment gateway solution in the Middle East.

The adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ fits the description of a payment gateway (in majority of the cases). Be tenacious and vigilant in your search, keeping an eye out for the previously detailed signs and you will have a payment gateway service that will reward you substantially in the future.

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