3 simple steps on bringing traffic to your online E-commerce store

As an online entrepreneur, you have passed the first and most crucial step in putting your foot down as an online business owner by setting up your own E-commerce store with an array of products just waiting to be purchased by a flurry of customers. We have to tell you, the journey was far from easy; finding a reliable payment gateway service to integrate your shopping cart, right down to choosing a theme that possessed the characteristics of beauty and simplicity, mopping down each and every bit of detail was no different from an ordeal and here you are, standing proudly, gazing at your masterpiece. If you are finished looking at it, you still have some unfinished business to attend to; one of them being how you will end up driving traffic to your E-commerce store efficiently. Luckily for you, we have dotted down three simple steps which will allow you to reach your E-commerce traffic Nirvana. Let us begin.

Online Store Marketing

1. Content marketing is highly effective

While content marketing is our recommended way of marketing your E-commerce store, you will be required to sacrifice a lot of time if you don’t execute this particular marketing strategy properly. In order to successfully execute content marketing, you will be required to pay meticulous amounts of attention to not only your writing, but the design and the keywords that you stuff in to your articles will either make or break the traffic. Content marketing always has to do with identifying the ‘pain points’ of your customers. What exactly are pain points? Pain points are things which point out how beneficial that item will be to the user, without actually directly marketing the product on your page. For example, if you are selling a high capacity hard drive, you will not be directly marketing that product (at least not right now), but you will list down important pointers as to how a regular hard drive can be beneficial to a user. Taking 15-20 minutes out from your day to start your marketing plan will go a long way in driving boatloads of traffic to your E-commerce store.

2. Giveaway contests bring a boatload of traffic (ask friends and families to share your contest details)

Every once in a month, or even a week, depending on whether or not it is financially feasible for you, host a giveaway contest or a competition that will involve you and your audience by connecting them through business pages that you have made on social media networks. If you have not made a page of your E-commerce business on any one of these social media pages, then we suggest that you start making them immediately. Furthermore, the contest that you will host does not necessarily have to be concerned with you giving away a free product to a lucky winner or a bunch of winners. In fact, with a little bit of innovation, you will be able to turn this idea in to a huge advantage. As an added benefit for your cause, our suggestion would be that in addition to sending the lucky winner or winners free products, why not force your customers in to purchasing something and afterwards, reward them later, such as purchasing a particular product will make them eligible to a 40 or 50 percent discount (the discount level is totally on your discretion) over a really expensive product; if they win that is.

3. Making visitors feel comfortable about their first purchase

A theme which displays an erratic outlook is the first of many screw-ups that you are bound to make that will drive away your potential customers. However, one of the biggest overlooked facts that drives customers away with a ‘point of no return’ expression on their face is the fact that they do not feel comfortable when browsing the products around your E-commerce website. How exactly can customers feel uncomfortable when browsing products around your website? Primarily, when users are going to complete the transactional process using their credit/debit card, the first thing that will always concern them is security. In order to quell their worries, here are several things that you can do.

  • Having a privacy policy along with complete business contact information is helpful for customers as it gives them the impression that this is a legit business.
  • Using privacy seals in order to verify the necessary information will also be helpful to your website visitors.
  • Now for the primary ingredient. If you want to allow customers additional amount of freedom in using their credit/debit card details then you will have to obtain an SSL Certificate coupled with a secure connection in order to remind your customers that the transaction they are about to conduct is being done in a completely secure environment.
  • Using a reliable payment gateway service also comes in very handy because a reliable service will always be able to integrate with your shopping cart, allowing easy payment processing to take place. There are various payment gateway services that provide you with sufficient security contingencies. Choose the one that can best be handled by your bank account.
  • Having a responsive web design is also important because majority of consumers will be using their mobile devices to conduct a transaction (more commonly known as mobile commerce). A responsive web design will grant users a comfortable way to view products and proceed to make the payment.

While the above mentioned ways are guaranteed ‘bull’s eyes’ to how you can effectively bring traffic to your E-commerce website, there is not going to be just one sure way of driving traffic to your business. With the amount of marketing channels opened up to you, driving traffic to your E-commerce website can be flexible, but it can also be a very daunting task at the same time. Social media marketing helps to a certain extent, but since it is free, do not expect to get tied down to it. Experiment different ways by monitoring how your competition does marketing for their business (on social media and other channels) and try to adopt their ways. Who knows; success might end up gunning for you at your very doorstep. Most importantly, perseverance is what is important here.

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