4 myths about online invoicing, debunked

Business owners will always feel uneasy when it comes to switching to a whole new platform for executing transactions. And why shouldn’t they? After all, it is their money that is being kept on the line and should anything happen to it while performing an online transaction, finding a source to reimburse that lost amount becomes a painful ordeal. Whatever malicious lies business owners have been informed about regarding online invoicing solutions, here are the most common ones, debunked in order to make you feel better about how secure, fast, cheap and reliable it really is.

1. Retaining a paper invoicing solution provides less hassle and is cheaper

It is all a matter of perspective. For an individual who believes that a paper invoicing solution is far cheaper compared to an online invoicing solution probably has more money than they can spend, or has an infinite amount of paper on which to record and track invoices. For a business owner who is strictly on a budget, the costs incurred acquiring the main material; paper, can be better invested in another category. In addition, there are a lot of other indirect cost variables that add up to the total cost column. This will include the following:

  • Printer ink
  • Printer maintenance and electricity (for the running of the paper)
  • Envelopes
  • Mailing costs

All of the aforementioned variables will continue to get added to the tally of the total costs if business owners remain adamant of using paper based solutions. Paper based invoicing consumes your funds and precious time, while online invoicing is cheap and lightning fast.

2. Customers prefer paper based invoicing solutions

As far as the global populace is concerned, customers will always demand a superior product or service and will always be willing to pay a little extra to get that. While the acquisition of a quality product or service is something that customers salivate the most, they are also looking for a payment method that will not require them to make more effort than they should, seeing as how the business should cater to the customer, not the other way round. Paper invoicing is still practiced, but the level of convenience that online invoicing provides compared to its inferior service variant is immeasurable.

3. Online invoicing can only be run by the ‘tech savvy’

Complicated is a misnomer for an online invoicing software. What most individuals do not understand is that modern day applications for operating systems being developed are bundled with a user friendly interface that allow people to use comfortably; regardless if they are not as astute as several ‘tech savvy’ software operators. Online invoicing applications are cheaper, faster, and easier to use than any another form of manual bills or invoices. The added benefit of using such software is that after you have signed on to one, you can immediately begin sending invoices.

4. Online invoicing is not secure to conduct transactions

Majority of individuals forget that online invoicing software, and other transaction conducting portals are fitted with several security contingencies that prevent unauthorized access from ‘playing dirty’ with your personal transaction credentials. Before officially getting launched, these forms of software go through a rigorous period of quality control, and trial and error testing that allows developers to get rid of any bugs and issues that might play havoc with your personal details overtime. After all the issues have been eliminated, the software launch becomes imminent and the user is handed over, a clean software slate.

Now that all the myths that you were informed about completely debunked, are you finally ready to move on to a more reliable, cheaper and faster form of invoicing?

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