5 E-commerce features that build flexibility and trust in the Middle East

One of the natural driving forces of E-commerce businesses in the Middle East and remaining parts of the world happens to be building of trust for consumers. While trust is the primary factor for the prolific growth of an online business, other secondary factors include reliable payment gateways in the Middle East, delivery obstacles, and service awareness. In order for an online business to thrive in a market, with a potential as vast as it is in the Middle Eastern regions, the following features must be assimilated with the E-commerce website.

E Commerce Features

A ‘money back guarantee’ in a specific time period

Regardless of how impressive the reviews are of a specific product, customers still need that extra reassurance to make sure that they will not be deceived over a sub-standard form of a product. In order to make them more susceptible to purchasing a product, E-commerce websites should include a ‘money back guarantee’ feature for a period lasting at least a week, with the period starting from the time the customer receives the product. If the consumer is dissatisfied with the product, they can always return it and receive the full payment that they had deposited.

Fast Delivery

When a customer places an order on an online website, the minimum time that the service takes to deliver the selected product should be 24 hours, assuming that next day is a working day.

Secure payment gateway

Payment gateways are e-commerce application services that authorize credit card payments for e-businesses. Since the customer will be required to input their credit card credentials in order to make a successful transaction, it is imperative that payment gateway solutions encrypt credit card details of the customer in order to keep illicit activities from taking place during these transactions. Given below is a list of reliable payment gateway solutions:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill moneybookers
  • CashU
  • PayTabs
  • Innovate payments

Website with a user friendly interface

When looking to develop an E-commerce website, a business owner should be on the lookout for a website developing virtuoso who is well versed with creating websites that possess an ‘easy to use’ interface that facilitate fluid website navigation for the user. A functional website with several flexible features will serve as a gateway for successful business.

Content present in the native language

One of the most commonly spoken languages in the Middle East is Arabic. While it is not mandatory for websites to present content in Arabic, chances are that a higher percentage of audience will be able to view the website comfortably. In addition, poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and superficial details written about products will immediately create a nose dive of an impression for a potential customer. Ensuring that product descriptions are thorough, easy to read in single or multiple languages will ensure higher chances of generating revenue from that website.

Regardless of how well developed an E-commerce website is, the marketing prowess of social media always plays a crucial role in increasing the frequency of business as a whole for the website. Since the primary objective for any business is to earn a profit, the aforementioned factors go a long way in ensuring that the right eyes will turn their attention on a website that is enriched with easy to use features as well as a whole array of products.

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