Three Obstacles for online Entrepreneurs in the Middle East

There is tremendous potential for online entrepreneurs to take advantage of the consumer based society that is omnipresent throughout the Middle East. Consumers would want nothing more than to receive a pristine product without moving an inch of their body. Then how come so many online entrepreneurs end up struggling in this region? Here are […]

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How can a payment gateway company encourage an influx of entrepreneurs in the Middle East?

Leaving your high, stable income job and entering the world of entrepreneurs is a very ambitious, commendable and yet, dangerous decision. Not everyone has the capacity of completing the journey of being a fully fleshed entrepreneur, especially in a region that is as competitive as the Middle East. As you are very well aware of, […]

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3 security features of Android Lollipop that will improve online payment security

Google’s Android operating system is infamous for bringing in unwanted malware and other compromising elements that can often play havoc with the user’s personal information such as credit and debit card numbers. When they are in the process of making an online transaction, an eCommerce payment gateway might be able to shield the sensitive details […]

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The three most popular integration mechanisms for your Middle East online store

Opening up an online store in the Middle East happens to be a very flexible way of doing business. However, while planning to open one, you will come across a road where you will have to decide on which payment solution to use. Now, the most sensible thing to do will be to choose a […]

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3 signs of a terrible payment gateway

Opting to choose for a reliable payment gateway company in the Middle East comes in extremely handy when a business owner will be handling online transactions in a large number of frequencies on a daily basis. Trouble is, that while choosing to cut down costs as much as possible, these business owners often neglect the […]

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