How individuals should be encouraged to start an online business in the Middle East?

With E-commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba already earning notorious reputations around the globe for their grand online business spectacles, it automatically entices individuals to start their own online business, for the benefit of the customers. Lack of capital, fear of failure, and online theft are some of the elements that will always end amputating that motivation. There are several ways how individuals can be encouraged to take that large leap and start their own online business in the Middle East. Let us take a look at them.

1. Statistical data

Displaying the numbers which represent the amount of popularity of e-commerce websites is one way of granting momentum to the individual to start their online business. With over 180,000 live web sites being run just by using the Magento shopping cart, you can rest assured that there are many more e-commerce websites that are alive and running. The frequency of these websites show the overwhelming competition that is sprouting up in all directions but that competition should not be taken as a discouraging aspect. It should be viewed as potential to the popularity of these websites as well as how large an online business can grow.

2. Ask them to research on PCI DSS

PCI Data Security Standards are a set of standards that are constantly improving the overall security of online transactions, preserving the valuable information of credit and debit card holders and business owners, not to mention strengthening the relationship between business owners, customers, brands and partners. Payment gateways also comply with PCI DSS, which should give young entrepreneurs a small dose of confidence to take that giant leap. Payment gateways allows a bridge to be made between e-commerce websites and banks to allow the facilitation of credit and debit card transactions to be made successfully. The amount of robust security present in making online transaction will give that individual the necessary adrenaline rush to start their own online business.

3. Payments can be made from any platform

Payment gateways allow transactions to be completed, irrespective of whether those transactions are being executed through smartphones, tablets or desktop computers. The level of security provided while making that transaction will remain unchanged if you decide to switch over from your desktop computer to your mobile device to make that transaction. With smartphones expected to reach 1.75 billion users by the end of 2014, the transition from hard wired computers to cost effective mobile devices is reason enough why security standards are always going through improvisations to ensure that no online theft is taken place at any platform. While some might complain that mobile operating systems have their own security standards to improve, it does not mean that the user will be under the same threat when making a mobile based online transaction. In addition, the cost of mobile connectivity (3G, and 4G LTE) is becoming cheaper, allowing smartphones to be connected with the World Wide Web, while they are always on their feet.

Now that you have all the proof and information you need related to online businesses, payment gateways and other security standards, have you managed to find your courage in starting an online business?

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