How to market your E-Commerce business online

Marketing an E-commerce business can be a very tough job at times. Since there are zillion of E-commerce stores so you really need to do it the right way to stand apart from the amidst crowed. Just to let you know how big this industry is, E-commerce market is set to hit $1.5 trillion by the end of 2014. Now that’s a huge market to target and you need to make sure that you’re well placed to get a good chunk for your business.


Online marketing is a combination of different things, it primarily revolves around your Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Advertising (Adwords etc.). There might be several obstacles which might stand in your way while you devise a strategy to market you online store. Companies come across budget constraints, shortage of expertise and some poor planning. The first and foremost thing is to define a parameter and define a goal according to your budget. Now I see people setting up some unrealistic goals all the time but you need to understand that there are thousands of companies spending millions of dollars each day for their promotion so if you have any limitations than you need to set up practical goals. Don’t aim for too high which seems impossible to reach.


Once a goal is defined you need to devise a proper online marketing strategy. The mistake that most companies commit is that they tend to go and market their products individually. Now that’s one thing which you shouldn’t do. As for an E-commerce company you’d have a regular stock/product update. New products will keep on coming so by the time you’re done doing marketing for one of your product, it becomes obsolete. Instead of giving individual attention you should be targeting your product categorically. With categorical approach even if the product/stock keeps on updating regularly you won’t need to worry about that as the categories would hardly change. For example it would be wiser to market “Smartphones” instead of “iPhone 5S” individually. As the category Smartphone would still be there even for iPhone 6.

I am a huge fan of Social Media Optimization (SMO) which is a combination of SMM & SEO and gives a greater value to your blog and content. Companies usually forget to have a blog or if they do have one they forget to take care of one. Companies with a blog has a 67% more chance of making more sales than a company which doesn’t. You should be writing about the usages of your products on your blog, it doesn’t mean that you start promoting your products directly on the website with hardcore sales content. You need to be smart at devising the content for your website for instance it would be smarter to write a comparison of “iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy 5”. This way you’re actually informing your visitor and also offering the products (Smartphones).

Social Media Marketing really helps an E-commerce business a lot, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and LinkedIn are all important when you make up a plan to push your product. Whatever happens always avoid copying your competitor. If you want to boost your sales significantly you need to realize that you have to be creative and fearless in your approach.

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