iOS 8: What mobile payment gateway service users should know

It has been a while since Apple unveiled its flagship operating system to the mobile computing universe. With over 4000 new APIs (application programming interfaces) added to the new operating system, the iOS 8 has been given new life to the iPhones in terms of its features and capabilities. Apart from entering a new stratum in terms of apps, sharing options, fitness monitoring and taxing gaming applications, another category where Apple has displayed profound interest in is preserving the security of the iPhone user. Since there is always a probability that online theft is about to occur, persevering the security of not only the individual but the individual’s credit and debit card details is paramount. Here are several things that mobile payment gateways users should know, which is set to revolutionize the payment industry, when they are begin to make transactions from their iPhones running the iOS 8.

mobile payment gateway

1. Improved app checking regimes

Apple’s App Store is currently housing over 1.3 million apps. However, just because the apps present on Apple’s App Store are far greater in number compared to the company’s adversary’s Play Store, it does not make life any easier for app developers. After the app has been successfully developed, it is sent for review and goes through a very strict vetting process. If the app passes all the requirements set by the review board, then it is placed on the App Store, otherwise it is sent back to the developer in order to improve on whatever it is lacking. This helps to prevent malicious activities from taking over the user’s iPhone and stealing valuable information, including information that is related to online payment processes.

2. The Touch ID interface is more than a fingerprint scanner

The iPhone 5s was the very first device to be incorporated with the fingerprint scanner. Since then, several measures have been taken in order to ensure that security levels on the interface are improved to the point that users will be able to execute online payments through it without the risk of having their information compromised. This will be extremely helpful as users logging in to E-commerce websites with have two layers of security safeguarding their card details; one from the Touch ID interface and the other will be provided by the payment gateways. Furthermore, iPhone users can also choose to extend that level of security to their family members or keep the security accessible to them only.

3. NFC payment capabilities

Near Field Communications is a feature that allows users to pair devices for file sharing. Apple took it to the next level, by incorporating an online payment feature that will allow iPhone 6 users to authorize payments just by waving their devices at the desired points of payment. Unlike Bluetooth or WiFi connections, NFC has a more resilient form of security and add the security provided by payment gateways, will result in the user having a ‘no worry’ state of mind when he / she proceeds to make the online payment.

The iOS 8 operating is a touch above the rest of its predecessors. In terms of performance and aesthetics, Apple has outdone itself by providing the user with a flexible and embellished operating system and in terms of security, the company was able to think 10 paces ahead.

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