Three concrete ways to avoid being a victim of online theft

While financial innovation may have crafted a whole new landscape on how transactions are conducted, it also presents hackers and other individuals who possess a malicious intent to bypass security and steal sensitive credit and debit card details of customers, putting their hard earned money at risk. News regarding cyber attacks at Target and eBay […]

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4 compelling reasons why Apple Pay cannot hold the ‘King of mobile payments’ title for long

Apple’s iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad lineup are not just comprised up of souped up components required to provide effortless and fast mobile computing to the individual. The NFC chip present inside the company’s products have allowed consumers to make mobile transactions by placing them at POS (point of sale) counters. However, while […]

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4 concrete reasons why PayPal has not been able to penetrate the Middle East

PayPal has made things thoroughly simple for millions of users in transferring funds from one geographical location to the other. However, when it comes to the Middle East, the digital wallet based e-commerce business has trouble in marking a prominent dent in the region, despite making the announcement back in 2012 that it was going […]

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How to avoid online fraud on your Website/eCommerce Platform?

eCommerce is on the boom and everyone wants to get a part of that huge chunk. With an increase in eCommerce, the credit card usage and theft has increased too and the importance of a good payment gateway solution has risen. Avoiding fraud is one of the major ingredients of any online business. With the […]

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