The three most popular integration mechanisms for your Middle East online store

Opening up an online store in the Middle East happens to be a very flexible way of doing business. However, while planning to open one, you will come across a road where you will have to decide on which payment solution to use. Now, the most sensible thing to do will be to choose a payment solution that will possess two characteristics. One will be that the ability to allow various customers to go ahead and purchase your products from around the world and the second characteristic will be that it can be integrated the right way. Here are of the most popular integrations that you will use for your Middle East online store.

ecommerce plugins

There are three popular integration mechanisms that are widely used when online shops are concerned:

  1. eCommerce payment gateway API (Application Programming Interface) integrations
  2. Using a payment form that has already been created by your payment gateway
  3. Integrating through plugins created by popular shopping platforms

1. eCommerce payment gateway APIs

If you are a business owner who is well versed with the workings of APIs, or even you have a phalanx of programmers who are extremely skillful in this matter, using e-commerce payment gateway APIs is the path that you should take. However, you should take note that this form of integration has its fair share of time consumption, so if you can handle the amount of costs incurred during that time period, then this form of integration is perfect for you.

2. Payment Form

If a business owner does not know his / her way around the tech universe or if his IT team is comprised up of a small number of inexperienced employees, then choosing to stick to a payment form is the perfect solution. This is because payment forms are ready made by your payment gateway and will require little to no amount of work being done on it. Using a payment form will not require to possess a boatload of programming knowledge but keep in mind that this particular configuration is extremely limited in features and workings.

3. Plugins

There are several ready-made shopping platforms ranging from Magento, to Zen Car to WordPress where you can setup your integration. However, before proceeding, you will have to confirm whether your payment gateway service in the Middle East are offering a ready payment form for your store. Payment gateway solutions normally think ahead of the requirements that merchants and business owners would need which is why it should not come as a surprise if they offer integration compatibility with the platform. Normally payment gateways use their own API which is then redirected to a ready-made payment form. Plugins are by far the cheapest integration solution for a business owner. If you can operate your computer’s mouse (which you were born to do), the installation and configuration of the plugin can be executed with a couple of clicks.

Which one should you choose?

Choosing an integration method normally comes with how much expenses are you ready to bear after choosing it. All integration forms come with their pros and cons (which will be detailed in a later topic) but for now, the amount of capital you have saved up will depend on your integration method.

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