Three digital tools that will help you to reduce the cost of your business in the Middle East

Business owners know the sting of being unable to profit from their business thanks to the overwhelming costs that keep forcing the owners to keep downsizing till the point they have to pack up and leave the premises for being unable to pay off the balance they owe. In the digital age of communication and technology, several alternatives have sprouted up that allow business owners to take advantage for the proliferation of their business. Here are three digital tools that will effectively help you to reduce the cost of your business while residing anywhere in the Middle East.

digital tools for ecommerce

1. Look to Social Media

Marketing your company to gain significant amounts of notoriety can take a painfully long time to reach your desired goal, not to mention the exorbitant costs that come along with marketing campaigns and other missions to help your business to reach as many eyes as possible. Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more allow you to make your pages and quickly start gaining the exposure that you need. In this way, you can allocate a lower amount of funds for your non-digital marketing campaign and spend a whole lot less doing the same thing on these social networks.

2. An E-commerce website

This might be a very difficult statistic to believe, but currently, there are 180,000 live e-commerce websites which have the Magento shopping cart installed in them, indicating the rise of e-commerce industry. Only recently, Ali Baba was able to file for its IPO, making it the biggest initial public offering in the history of the United States, being valued at more than $25 billion and featuring nearly a billion products on its websites, showing the potential of how large an e-commerce website can become. Having said this, if a business owner possesses an array of products that are waiting to be sold, it would be far more expedient if the owner chooses to shift his selling platform from a physical one to a digital one. While initial costs to construct the entire website might be a little tough on the chest, its benefits will far exceed the doubts that you are currently exuding.

3. Choosing a reliable payment gateway

The success of an e-commerce website can only be measured if the business owner chooses a reliable payment gateway. The payment gateway provides a tunnel to accept payments from the consumer and delivering those payments to the merchant account of the business owner, while maintaining complete protection over the customer’s and your credit and debit card details. This is because reliable payment gateways comply with rules set by the PCI DSS, which are constantly revising their rules and regulations to make sure every single online transaction is conducted securely. In addition, some payment gateways also extend their features list by accepting and delivering multiple currencies for added flexibility as well as assimilating their customer support department with real time help to assist potential partners with their queries so they have a large boost in confidence when choosing that payment gateway service as their one and only service.

The age of technology is constantly going to through a change; providing more and more ways for the digital ways of payment making through a secure portal for business owners and customers. Business owners will be able to benefit a lot by following the aforementioned digital tools to aid them in their business venture.

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