Three features that will make a killer E-commerce website

With the total amount of websites present on the World Wide Web exceeding the tally of 1 billion, the globe is slowly in transition from switching from the physical side of things to the digital side. Reliable payment gateway solutions have enabled websites to start accepting online payments without compromising the customer’s credentials, which in turn have allowed online businesses to become a hub for everyday transactions. This has allowed E-commerce websites to make up a healthy percentage of the total number of websites that are running live on the World Wide Web. While E-commerce business has refined the transactional experience and magnetized the effect it has on consumers to start exchange of products profusely, the following features are sure to expedite the process of turning an E-commerce website in to a killer one.

Forum section

One feature that most business owners overlook when making their online business live is negating to include a forum section in it. Even though having a forum section will require the user to perform the tedious operation of having to create their own username and password, the interactive quality that a forum section possesses turns the online business in to a lethal combination. There are an abounding number of features belonging to the forum sections that enable the element of interaction between users. Some of them include having a customer feedback section, where the user can rate the quality of service being delivered to them after placing an order for a specific item(s). Majority of E-commerce websites cater to a particular type of niche such as technological hardware, and will not deviate that niche in order to keep their clientele exclusive. The feedback section present in the forums will also allow users to start requesting additional line-up of products. As long as there is a demand of a particular product, brand or chain of products, the business owners will do everything in their power to increase their clientele counter.

Review section

Another feature that will help the E-commerce website to turn in to an embellished one is a review section. After receiving the product, the customer will no doubt meticulously examine the product that they have received and depending on the quality of service of the product; they can present an impartial review of their experience. The review section can be divided in to three sections.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Other thoughts

The pros and cons section can be dedicated towards providing the review of the product to better edify potential customers looking to purchase the exact same product. The ‘other thoughts’ section can be dedicated towards reviewing the level of service delivered by the online business, where the reviewer can rate the scale of service on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 defining poor delivery service, and 10 defining exceptional service.

News portal

For every product, there is always going to be an upgraded variant that will provide additional features for the same price. In order to keep consumers up to date with what they are about to purchase, a news portal section should be added, stating the latest products that have been or will be released in the future. This will create sufficient amount of awareness to let customers know when to stay away from an obsolete product and at the same time, create enough enticement to allow them to purchase that product. Products that have an updated variant present on the same website should be highlighted in order for the customer to compare both products and decide which one would give the ‘best bang for the buck’.

There is always going to be room for improvement when online businesses are concerned. The aforementioned features will no doubt bring the website one step closer to the near perfection of what an E-commerce website should look like.

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