Top 10 Reasons why you will love the new PayTabs Updates

PayTabs is always striving to make the product better. To give a better user experience to all our valuable customers, we have made further modifications in our system. From now on, you’ll enjoy these features as well.

1. We now accept American Express

Your business will now be able to accept American Express credit cards online! To find out if your merchant account has American Express option enabled kindly get in touch with our Customer Care department via or chat live on our website.

2. Manual Withdrawals

We’ve now made it easy for you to withdraw your earnings from your PayTabs Merchant Account. Just Go to the Bank Account link on the side menu, Select Withdrawals and enter the amount that you wish to withdraw and click on Send Request. Our Operations team will review your request and you will receive your funds in three working days.

Manual Withdrawals

3. Refund

A customer has asked for a refund, but how do you get the amount back from PayTabs and process the refund? Simple, go to the Bank Account link on the side menu, Select Refund, Search the transaction for which you would like to request a refund, Click on the Request for Refund link, enter the Refund amount, the reason why you want a refund and click on Submit. Our Operations team will review your request and get back to you shortly.


4. Referral Program

If you are an existing PayTabs Merchant, we encourage you to share your great experience with people you know and earn rewards. Refer 5 prospective merchants (friends or family). Once they become LIVE merchants, BASIC Plan merchants will get a lower transaction rate of 2.99% while PREMIUM Plan merchants would get their Sign Up fee waived.

Referral Program

5. Express Check-out

Allow your customers to make payments within your website! No redirects, no new pages, just a pop-up screen and you’re done. See a demo of how it works on our website.

Express Checkout

6. Plugins Update – ZenCart, OsCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart

Plugins! Plugins! Plugins! We’ve updated two of our existing PayTabs plugins for ZenCart and OsCommerce and we’ve added two more PayTabs plugins for WooCommerce and OpenCart. Check them out at our E-commerce Plugins section.


7. Send PayPages in Multiple Currencies

Now you can invoice your customer in two currencies and still maintain your dashboard in one currency.  To change your default invoicing currency, Go to My Profile, Click on Edit My Profile and then choose your PayPage Currency from the dropdown list and Click on Submit. You’re done.


 8. Copy & Print for PayPage

Ever been frustrated with re-typing an invoice with 10 items just to send it to a different customer? Not to worry, now you can make an exact copy of any PayPage with just a click, edit it and send it on its merry way! And you can print it too.

Copy Paste PayPage

9. Merchant Status

As a PayTabs merchant, your Merchant Account can have different statuses from Active to Dormant or Frozen. Confused? We thought so!  We now show you what your merchant account status means and what you can do to get it back to ACTIVE status

Merchant Status

 10. Improved Merchant Dashboard

We’ve improved our Merchant Dashboard’s side menu so that all the nitty-gritty menus are organized and tucked away into main menu items. So now you don’t have to see a mile-long side menu.

Merchant Dashboard

6 comments on “Top 10 Reasons why you will love the new PayTabs Updates”

Yazin / Reply

How does Express Checkout work with 3D Secure?

    Umair Maqsood /

    Express CheckOut works the same way as it works on the Payment Page. For verification, it opens up the verification page in a pop up where you can enter your 3DSecure code and then the verification process follows. If you are authenticated, it will get you back to the express checkout screen and complete your payment.

Sagar / Reply

Does customer get the invoice in express checkout?

    Umair Maqsood /

    The customer will get the receipt for the payment.

Firas Alkhatib / Reply

Does express checkout work with Microsoft IIS ?

    Umair Maqsood /

    There should be no issue, whichever webserver you use, as long as you have cURL and the integration has been done correctly.

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