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  1. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers with PayTabs.
  2. This offer only applies to prospective merchants in Egypt and does not apply to existing merchant accounts.
  3. This offer does not apply to partnership program merchants.
  4. This offer only entitles the merchant to a waiver to the PayTabs’ setup fees and does not apply to any other fees.
  5. This offer is only valid for merchants who successfully apply, submit all requirements, and are ready to be activated by 4th April 2020.
  6. All PayTabs terms and conditions apply for this offer.
  7. This is a limited time offer, available to new signups until 30th March 2020,
  8. PayTabs reserves the right to cancel or reject any sign-up request and/ or address any issues arising thereof, at its sole discretion.

For any questions, please contact: egyptsales@paytabs.com

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Integrate PayTabs with your platform in less than 24 hours and start transacting online, securely. Benefit from our dynamic business manager dashboard to organize your payments, orders and transactions smartly.
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Grow your business

We understand customers local alternatives to paying and offer a comprehensive payment mix to suit your business. The many alternative payment methods we offer can facilitate customer payment transactions and increase your sales volumes
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Enterprise Solutions

Customized pricing, business intelligence, electronic invoicing and more
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Online Payments

A complete payment processing solution and easy toolkit for your developer. Receive payments through all the leading credit cards around the world.

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For the businesses out there without an online presence, PayPage is perfect fit! Generate and issue invoices via email/SMS.

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Recurring Payments

Incredibly simple solution to handle your recurring payment tasks. PayTabs knows how to cope with flooding payments on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

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