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Unique Gift Guide for Every Occasion – February Edition

February 13, 2019

We understand how difficult it could be to find a perfect gift for your loved ones. Should it be flowers, or chocolates, or would jewellery do the trick? Well, let us help you find the right gift for any occasion that fits your budget.

Flowers to the rescue

Your every attempt to woo somebody can fail but with flowers, comes a guaranteed smile. If you are not sure about someone’s likings and preferences but you still need to buy them a gift, we’d say flowers should be on the top of your potential gifts’ list. From a basic 6 rose bouquet at a very reasonable price to something a little more out there with a 20 pink rose basket, you can pick one that fits your budget and seems relevant to your relationship with the person you are gifting to.

Cakes, chocolates and all things sweet

Have you ever met someone who said no to a box of chocolate or a delicious cake? We know we haven’t. Sweets can add a touch of celebration to even the smallest of occasions. So if flowers don’t seem enough, slide in a box of assorted chocolates or a chocolate cake to make their day brighter and sweeter. There are some amazing options available for those who love gluten-free or vegan cakes in Dubai.

Say it with personalized merchandise

Nothing says thoughtful as a personalized gift. If you very well know the person you are buying the gift for, make sure to let them know! A cool merchandise of their favourite movie or TV show will not only bring a smile to their face, but it will also show them how much you care to remember the things they mention in their day-to-day life. Also, who doesn’t like to geek out about their favourite characters in everyday life? Be it a slogan mug or a trendy phone cover, it will remind them of your affinity every time they’ll look at your gift.

Go all out with gift combos

Gift combos are nothing but a bundle of joy! When you are not sure if one thing would do the trick or if what you have picked is what your loved one likes, we’d recommend you to go for hampers or combos. It could be anything from a set of personalized pillow and mug to a breakfast hamper of all their favourite things. The choices are unlimited!

 Luxury gifts which are impossible to say no to

When you are deciding on a gift for someone who has held a special place in your life and you want to let them know how important and cherished they are in your life, you can either surprise them with a chic handbag from their favourite luxury brand or a fragrance that can linger around to remind them of you. It will not only bring a smile to their face, but it will also make them feel loved and valued. You can also gift them a classy watch or an exquisite piece of jewellery served with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates to seal the deal!

Say it with words

If you are feeling truly inspired, then invest in some miniature greeting artworks. 3D pop-up greeting cards give both senders and recipients a ‘wow’ and deliver a surprise factor upon opening.

Choose from a range of innovative techniques such as origami, kirigami and sliceform technology to gift the essence of three-dimensional artforms. These bespoke 3D Pop up Cards are all about mixing art, craft and science and your words to create a unique gift.


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