Introducing Our New Redefining All-in-One Social-ready eStore!

The eStore is suitable for Social sellers (Instagramer, Facebook sellers, Twitter sellers) and anyone without an online store who would like to set up an online business!


Why you should use eStore

  • Free of Charge setup
  • No domain registration required
  • Single click creation
  • Directly showcase and Sell your products on your Facebook Page
  • No technical background required
  • Inventory Management & Notifications
  • Role-based access control
  • Order management directly from the dashboard
  • Payment gateway ready

Start your eCommerce today with eStore

PayTabs eStore is an ecommerce portal that offers a free, convenient and safe online shopping experience to your customers with online payments powered by PayTabs. The PayTabs eStore is specially designed for small businesses that don’t own a website but use social media networks like Instagram or Facebook to sell their products.

Get ready to sell your products via social media using our hassle-free platform!

How eStore works

Store Process Flow - In these simple steps you will be able to start social selling in no-time:


Sell on Facebook even without a website! Launch your PayTabs eStore Today!